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Holiday Packages

Call ahead or come in to mail your holiday packages with shorter wait time and quick service.



Private P.O Boxes

The Other Mail Service is licensed with the US Postal Service as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA).  We are the oldest CMRA in Salem, established in 1979 with many years of experience in mailing services.

Our private mailbox service allows you to receive mail at a secure address that would be completely different from your home or office address.  This is an excellent solution if you are self-employed, or if you want your mail delivered securely without risk of theft from your mailbox.
We also offer mail forwarding and/or mail holding for individuals who travel for any length of time.  You tell us when you would like your mail sent and specifically, what you want sent to you.  We hold anything you don't want forwarded and you then will pick this mail up upon your return.
Your address will be a street address with a PMB (private mail box) number assigned to you.  You will be able to receive any of the carriers packages here - UPS, FedEx, DHL and any other independent couriers.

"I have used The Other Mail Service for over ten years and have had nothing but excellent service for my business and personal mail. I enjoy the privacy of my own mailbox while still being able to use a street address for my business mail."
- David Brown, Logion Web Design